Carmelita Property



The Serafina - Lot #244

In December of 2011, we completed construction on our first home at Carmelita Gardens. Named after a Tennessee Williams character, "The Serafina" is a 1 bed / 1 bath cottage with an additional loft space.


The Bella Vida - Lots #198/199

We broke ground on Carmelita Gardens' third home in October of 2012. Home to our first full-time residents, this gorgeous 2 bed / 2 bath home is complete with a 1/1 guesthouse, a pool, and a wooden deck to overlook the Belize River.

The Tortuga - Lot #177

In 2012 we began construction on our second home in Carmelita Gardens. Known as " The Tortuga" , this home is located at the tip of our Southern peninsula, neighboring the beautiful Belize River. It is a 1 bed / 1 bath with an additional office/guestroom. 

The Castle - Lot #150

April of 2013 brought about the construction of the fourth house in Carmelita Gardens.  This beautiful octagonal home is a three story, 2 bed / 2.5 bath with one of the best views in Carmelita Gardens.

Lot #207

Construction on our fifth home in Carmelita Gardens began in May of 2013. This lovely two story, 2 bed / 2 bath house is home to our second couple of full-time residence enjoying a sustainable life in Carmelita Gardens. 


Lot #224

The sixth house in Carmelita Gardens began construction in December of 2013. It is a simple and charming  1 bed / 1 bath cottage with an additional loft space. It is located in the heart of the Village area, in between two  of our largest park spaces. 


The Belita - Lot #228

We completed construction on Carmelita Gardens' seventh house in March of 2015. This 2 bed / 2 bath home is a comfortable and relaxing space with a spacious loft and a peaceful porch area. It is perfect for short-term vacations and long-term rental living alike. 


La Sombra - Lot #226

The eighth house in Carmelita Gardens was completed in September of 2015. A 1 bed / 1 bath cottage located in the heart of Phase 1, it has become a model home for some of the sustainable practices we are implementing at Carmelita GardensThis home now has 3 garden beds, a banana circle, & several fruit trees (including pineapple, coconut, avocado, and cashew to name a few). We have recently installed our first aquaponics system here, demonstrating the benefits of our "Farm-in-a-Box" concept.


Villa Scollegato - Lot #178

The ninth home at Carmelita Gardens is our most recent. Construction was completed late 2016 and is now the 5th, full-time, residence in the community. 

It is 2 bed / 2 bath, Tuscan-style villa. 

This villa is an easily accessible, barrier free design, complete with wheel chair ramp and elevator. Located on our southern peninsula, this new home will have stunning views of the river as well as the future growth of our sustainable community.


The Cayo District, Belize


San Ignacio

San Ignacio is the main village of the Cayo District and one of the fastest growing towns in Belize. Located only 7 miles South West of Carmelita Gardens. 


Spanish Lookout

Spanish Lookout is the largest community of Mennonites living in Belize. A well developed village with a successful dairy and Farmer Trade Store, Spanish Lookout is located 7 miles North East of Carmelita Gardens.


The Maya World

For centuries, the Yucatan Peninsula has been the heart of the Maya Empire. In modern day Belize, ruins and remnants of this once great culture can be found predominantly in the forests and along the rivers of the Cayo District.