Meet the Team

 Phil Hahn – Founder/President: Phil always dreamed of the tropics while growing up in Michigan. He started his southerly migration in 1982 by attending Florida State University. At FSU he studied Interior Design and Housing. Prior to graduation, he started a residential design business that ultimately designed over 6,000 homes and expanded into construction and development.

Phil received a Bachelor of Science degree from Florida State University, is certified by the Institute of Classical Architecture and is a past President of the American Chamber of Commerce – Belize.

In 2003, Phil saw the potential for development in Belize and purchased 115 acres for the development of Orchid Bay, a “New Urbanism” community. Combining his experience with coastal home design and his love of classical architecture, he created an evocative new Caribbean town. Over the years, he continued to increase his Belize land holdings and in 2007 Co-Founded Great Land Holdings (GLH), which grew to include multiple properties (over 5,000 acres) throughout northern and western Belize. In 2010, Phil sold his ownership in GLH to his former partners and turned his attention to western Belize and an exciting new vision.

Phil is currently developing Carmelita Gardens, an off-grid gardening community located on the Belize River in the Caribbean Heartland (Cayo District, Belize). Many esteemed architects and land planners are now talking about and planning “New Ruralism”, “Agricultural Urbanism” and “Sustainable” communities. Phil recognizes that there is a new movement afoot – one that emphasizes independence and self-sufficiency – reminiscent of how successful frontier towns were built. Just as the New Urbanism movement started at Seaside, Florida in 1981; Carmelita Gardens has the potential to be the first community of a new movement, where people can – as Phil says – be “Independent Together”.

Jamie Ganger - Sales & Marketing Manager: 

We are very excited to bring Jamie into the fold at Carmelita Gardens. She joined the Carmelita family over the summer of 2016 as our new Sales & Marketing Manager. 

Jamie came to Belize as a Peace Corps Volunteer in 2004. With over 10 years of experience as a Clinical Social Worker she has lived and worked in Thailand, Belize, and Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

With a deeply rooted interest in growing communities and enriching people’s lives, an organized and constructive skill set, and a bright and focused energy; Jamie is a happily welcomed new member of our team.

Tim Parr – Operations Manager:  Making the move down on July 1st, 2013 Tim has already been swept into the adventure of Belize. With three adult children “out of the nest” Tim found himself ready to try something new. He saw an opportunity to engage in an exciting career change as well as work with Phil Hahn, who has been a good friend of Tim’s for twenty plus years. He packed up and, with the help of his 4 year old yellow lab Lucy, flew down to live at Carmelita Gardens in Belize. Tim was born in Wyoming, raised in Nebraska, and moved his family down to Florida .

Tim worked as the General Manager for a prominent BBQ restaurant chain for eighteen years; running five different locations, including the top volume store in the chain. Tim worked as the head chef at a large independent restaurant as well as opening his own cafeteria style restaurant. Needless to say after 35 years in the food service industry he has gained invaluable experience that will carry him into the future regardless of his job description. As a regular hunter in Nebraska, Tim became a member of Ducks Unlimited and Pheasants Forever. 

For Tim the bottom line is that people and their abilities are the difference between success or failure in business. He feels that the truly successful business owners recognize this and surround themselves with quality, like-minded people at all levels, all with a common goal. He believes in the Carmelita project and what we are trying to accomplish. We count ourselves lucky to have Tim, a genuine, hardworking, honest man, as a part of our team.

Gloria Barker - Accounting Director: 

Gloria was born in Orange Walk District in Belize, moving to the village of Bullet Tree Falls with her family as a young girl. 

She Received degrees in Business Management and Marketing from Sacred Heart College. After her marriage to Thomas Barker in 2008, she moved to British Colombia, Canada until her return to Belize in 2014. 

She has many years of experience working in the Accounting Departments for various companies in Belize; including the Belmopan City Council. She brings her wealth of experience and local business knowledge to Carmelita as our new Accounting Director.

Wade Hahn – Marketing Associate:  Wade began working full time with Carmelita Gardens in May. Although he is one of our youngest members, Wade has been involved with Belize for close to ten years. As the son of Carmelita creator Phil Hahn, Wade has been able to watch the evolution of Carmelita Gardens from a simple idea to the developing community it’s become today.

Wade took his first step onto Belizian soil in 2004. As an 8th grader, he took the year off from public school to home-school with his father. Trips to Belize, experiencing the lush climate and unique culture, were only part of his education. From a young age, Wade has had many experiences that have shaped him into the man he is today, instilling a drive for adventure and a passion for learning and seeing new things. He has worked as a server in two busy Orlando restaurants, was accepted to the Florida State University Film School, received the rank of Eagle Scout in 2009, and worked countless hours with a handful of non-profit organizations. He grew up in the youth group at St. Paul’s UMC and is excited to give back as an adult leader. Wade has worked with the American Chamber of Commerce in Belize, providing promotional material for various events. Wade’s passion lies in film and is also working towards a career in the industry, having worked as a Camera PA and then a Second Assistant Camera on a two “made-for-TV” films for the SciFi Channel. Wade brings a youthful, engaging personality and a truly artistic energy to Carmelita Gardens and we are happy to have him.